Got Photography? / by elisa keogh

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Hey you!  

Thinking you could benefit from some private photography lessons or workshops.  I teach from my Norwalk, CT studio and cover just about anything you might want to know about photography.  Below are a few of the things that I most commonly help people with ,,,,

• learn the fundamentals of your digital SLR camera

• make ordinary shots extraordinary

• hone composition skills

• learn some basic photoshop editing techniques

• focus on any topic from architecture to zebras!

or anything else!

I am also available for consultation and cover anything from figuring out the right digital camera for your needs, to setting up your new camera and explaining some of it's features, or even photoshop or printing help -- just let me know what you need!

More details and prices are listed under FOR HIRE in the navigation tab of this site.

Hope to see you soon!  

elisa :)